Middle Grades Math

Success in the Middle Grades, identified by assessments in 8th grade, note the need for high achievement to open the critical gateway to advanced math and science in high school and continued progress in language arts proficiency.

Research makes clear that students who master 8th grade math fundamentals are more likely to complete college; and that the correlation of high school students’ math proficiency with later earnings has grown sharply in recent years.

Spartanburg County's trend line, if continued, is rather promising.  However, during the years beyond 2020, the trend must move more sharply upward in order to achieve the high school and postsecondary goals anticipated by SAM.

Middle Grades Language Arts

Success in 8th grade paves the way for the transition to high school.

And readiness for high school is serious business, requiring a persistent focus on preparation for post-secondary education and careers.  Readiness demands that students be on track in 8th grade language arts.

Though the overall pattern shows improvement in 8th grade language arts, the trajectory is uneven.  The trend line leads upward over future years; however, it must move upward more substantially to assure students’ preparation for success in high school. By focusing SAM's first Collaborative Action Network in the realm of school readiness and early success, expectation is set for the trend line to stabilize and rise consistently.