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The college pay-off and income equality College Does Help the Poor and A $20 Million Gift, from The New York Times.  When recently responding



You hear people say, ‘Well, a four-year degree isn’t needed,’ ” Connie Ballmer, the philanthropist and wife of the former Microsoft C.E.O. Steve Ballmer, recently told me.

“But then if you turn to them and say, ‘What do you want for your child?’ they wouldn’t dream of not having their kid go to a four-year college,” she continued. “They said it’s not needed — but they need it.”

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Graduation rates across Spartanburg County are a bright spot in the cradle to career perspective.  While work is still underway to identify measurements of "college ready" and "career ready," high graduation rates across demographics where concerning disparities are observed at earlier achievement benchmarks, is a sign that even where children face obstacles, the system in place supports their long-term ability to be prepared to reach this goal. However, high school graduation itself is no longer the target destination. The high degree of knowledge, problem solving and critical thinking skills in demand for today's workforce means some form of post-secondary study is needed to provide students with the greatest capacity for economic stability and freedom.