Our Partners

Transforming children into educated, independent adults is the job of us all.

This large and ever growing group is composed of individuals and organizations across the County committed to playing key roles in supporting, enlivening, and sustaining the Spartanburg Academic Movement.  Partners include leadership in schools, colleges, non-profits, philanthropies, corporations, businesses, faith communities, and city and county governments.

Some members elect to be “Sponsoring Partners,” providing direct financial support for the Movement’s operations or specific collaborative projects.  Members of the Board of Directors are numbered among the “Sponsoring Partners.”

SAM is aligning current and new partners with their interest and expertise areas along the Theory of Action. We have over 150 signed partners; with new members regularly as the momentum of the Movement grows, our action teams form, get to work, and produce measurable results.

Who's joining the Movement?

Among the early partnerships – listed here -- are the following:

  • Seven school districts …the first signers of SAM partnership agreements  
  • Seven colleges and a growing number of independent schools
  • Education non-profits from pre-school through adult learning services
  • Faith communities and foundations
  • County Council and municipal governments
  • Corporations and small businesses
  • Service organizations and individuals

What's involved?

 Click to download & sign a partnership agreement

Click to download & sign a partnership agreement

Some Partners are actively engaged in networks focused on improving performance at various stages of the educational continuum.  Others are providing advocacy and financial support to the Movement.  Still others have signed Partnership Agreements simply because they believe deeply in the purpose of the Movement and seek to add value wherever possible.  

There is no limit to the numbers of Partners the Spartanburg Academic Movement can engage.  Every enterprise and individual with a deep interest in advancing educational achievement is invited to join by signing the Partnership Agreement and supporting the Movement by means best suited to its interests and character.