Post Secondary Completion

In Spartanburg County’s current and emerging economy – an economy in which “knowledge” is the crucial employment asset – nearly every young person must achieve post-secondary certification in order to participate successfully.  

Employers are in urgent need of “workforce ready” young people; and young people must be “career ready.”   The schools of Spartanburg County have substantially restructured high school curricula and counseling in recent years to support students’ preparation for career readiness and post-secondary completion.   We are moving aggressively in the right direction.

“Career readiness” in the new economy, here and elsewhere, requires post-secondary certification:  licensure, apprenticeship, technical or specialist certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree.  SAM will be pressing for gains in all these post-secondary achievement markers.

The “gold standard” among SAM’s achievement outcomes is the “40/30 Challenge” … 40% of Spartanburg County’s adults with bachelor’s degrees by 2030.

Though a four-year college degree is not for everyone, SAM Partners believe that, for at least 40% of our high school graduates, bachelor’s degree attainment is crucial for a robust Spartanburg County economy.