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The Early Development Instrument


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The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a tool for measuring early childhood development across five key domains (physical health, emotional maturity, social competence, language and cognitive skills, and communications skills and general knowledge).  The EDI was developed through the Offord Center at McMaster University in Canada and is licensed for use in the United States through UCLA's Center for Healthier Children, Families, & Communities. SAM's engagement of community members in Kindergarten Success Collaborative Action Network (KSCAN) led to a pilot then county-wide administration of the EDI to assemble the first picture of kindergarten readiness across Spartanburg County. Below are links to various data including domain and community-specific information.

A picture of Kindergarten Readiness begins to emerge from the EDI Data.  

Click on the buttons below for additional details about readiness: 

Where vulnerabilities are found, specifically the percentage of children scoring at or below 10% of the national percentile, maps providing a look at where those vulnerabilities are distributed around the county provides additional perspective. A map indicating the Neighborhood Risk Index is included in the EDI data report.  In all maps, any area remaining unshaded (white) means that too few data were collected in this area for reporting. Each of the six maps below were generated from data collected in December 2017 and reported to SAM in May 2018.

With this first ever comprehensive look into kindergarten readiness across our county, we see there is work to be done. The great news is that our community is ready, willing and able to collectively and collaboratively drive action toward our ultimate goal: all children, ready for success in school.  

  In our hands is their future...    In their hands, is ours.

In our hands is their future...

In their hands, is ours.

Organizations, community leaders, and individuals are now tasked with using the information presented here to answer vital questions and take action: 

  • Who can help spread awareness to build community interest for investing in young children from birth to kindergarten? 
  • How can we strengthen coordination and alignment of services? 
  • Where do we see strengths and needs among neighborhoods? 
  • Where can public and private funding be leveraged for the greatest impact? 
  • How can this information inform program and curriculum development? 
  • How can this be used to create professional development opportunities for those caring for young children... or in-home caregivers?

Your organization can arrange for presentations regarding the EDI report by contacting SAM Staff at 864-573-5804 or emailing info@learnwithsam.org