Early Grades Reading

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By third grade, reading proficiency shifts from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

If children cannot read proficiently in third grade, they fall behind.  And the academic gap will grow each year thereafter.

The goal of early grades reading instruction is that by the time children finish third grade, their proficiency is at a level to support learning in all other content areas.  But, to accurately assess where our students stand, so we know best how to help them improve, continuity of assessment strategies has been an obstacle.  Thanks to our data team, the "Z-Score" process helps us to analyze data across the various assessment tools. However, the picture of where our students truly stand with both Early Grades Reading Success and Early Grade Math success continues to be revealed as the Z-Score process is just now being implemented. 

Early Grades Math

3rdGrade-Math Targets.png

The end of 3rd grade is a critical marker for the development of important math skills.  


A steady climb in 3rd grade math scores is required in the coming few years to position Spartanburg County children for success in middle-grades math, which leads to future success in in o high school math and science.