7 Stages of SAM


1 // Kindergarten Readiness

Every child must start kindergarten ready to learn. 

2 // Third Grade

Reading well by third grade is essential to the capacity to continue learning. 

3 // Transition to High School

Success in eighth grade math and language arts opens the door to rigorous classes in high school. 

4 // Graduation from High School

Strong performance in math and language arts upon completion of high school is essential to post-secondary opportunity. 

5 // Transition to Post- Secondary Education

Career knowledge and post-high school exposure (financial aid applications, college visitations, entrance exams, dual college enrollment, and advanced placement) elevate the probability of graduating from college or achieving the certification required to compete in the knowledge economy. 

6 // Post-Secondary Persistence

Students’ persistence from the freshman to the sophomore year is the strongest predictor of college completion. 

7 // Post-Secondary Completion

Rising rates of post-secondary achievement are the ultimate objectives of the Movement ... licenses and certifications, associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. 

The “40/30 Challenge” – 40% baccalaureate degree holders among adults 25 years and older by 2030 – is the gold standard of the Spartanburg Academic Movement.