Want more details about the efforts supporting a shared cradle to career civic infrastructure like SAM? Looking for data supporting our efforts? Interested in how you or your business can partner with us? Below is a list of resources we hope guide you on your journey to learn more.

This resource page will be continually updated, and we welcome suggestions for additional sources. We also encourage you to pass information along to friends and colleagues!

Where Are We Now?

SAM's Chapter 3: Systems Change

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Cradle to Career

“The Cradle to Career Civic Infrastructure is not a program, but a way in which a community comes together around a Cradle to Career vision and organizes itself to identify what gets results for children; improves and builds upon those efforts over time; and invests the community’s resources differently to increase impact.” Visit StriveTogether’s website to learn more about cradle to career and to discover other communities engaging in this type of work. 

Local and Statewide Efforts Impacting Education

We have several organizations committed to education and career readiness in Spartanburg County and in South Carolina supporting the efforts of SAM. 

SC Education Oversight Committee

SAM isn’t alone in setting targets for academic achievement. The SC Education Oversight Committee is tracking statewide improvement targets for 2020 in reading, on-time high school graduation, and preparedness for postsecondary success. Visit their website to learn more about what this group of educators, business leaders, and officials is doing to improve the state’s K-12 educational system.

SC Regional Education Centers

Established throughout South Carolina to support Personal Pathways to Success Initiative, 12 Regional Education Centers (RECs) serve all South Carolinians – students, adult learners, parents, educators, employers and community members – by connecting them with the information, resources and services they need to achieve success. Watch this great video by SC Department of Education to learn even more about Personal Pathways to Success Initiative. 

Transform SC

An education initiative of New Carolina, Transform SC is a collaboration of business leaders, policy makers, educators, parents and students seeking to transform K-12 public education in South Carolina. Visit TransformSC to find out how they are creating a new system of learning ensuring high school graduates are ready to compete in a global economy.


LOCAL: Community Indicators

The Spartanburg Community Indicators project reports on progress of key issues that are the clearest indicators of quality of life here in Spartanburg County such as education. Its goal is to report on data and community initiatives like SAM to inspire dialogue and strategy that leads to change within the community. They are a SAM Partner and play a critical role in reporting countywide education statistics. Find the latest Education Report and other supporting data through Strategic Spartanburg.

LOCAL: School Performance

To find detailed data for your local school district or individual schools, check out State Report Cards.

State and National Data

Data on Assessments taken by SC Public School students

SC College Freshman Report – State and District Data on High Graduates Post-Secondary Activity

National Assessment of Educational Progress – State and National Data

American Fact Finder – Economic and Educational Data for Counties and States

How Your Business Can Get Involved

There are a lot of things you and your organization can do to help SAM champion the value of education in our community.  

Encourage your employees to check out United Way's Get Connected page to see what education-related volunteer opportunities are available in Spartanburg County. 

Help Spartanburg and South Carolina combat the state’s skilled workforce shortage and connect your business to the future workforce with the help of Personal Pathways to Success Initiative

Other Useful Workforce Development Links

Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce 

SC Chamber of Commerce 

SC Department of Commerce

Signing a SAM Partnership Agreement

 Make a commitment: sign a SAM Partnership Agreement

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