The unveiling of SAM

Billboard 0455 2013-07-10.jpeg

Welcome to the launch of the Spartanburg Academic Movement (SAM).

The idea behind the Movement has its roots in the College Hub, launched in 2010 by the Spartanburg County Foundation, targeting the “40/30 Challenge” – 40% of adults holding baccalaureate degrees by 2030.  The shift in emphasis reflects recognition that the “40/30 Challenge” is out of reach unless achievement is climbing at every stage from pre-K through post-secondary; and, for that to occur, there must be a cultural change in the value placed on academic achievement county-wide.

SAM is a movement on behalf of that change.  It is a movement driven by a deep belief that our county’s vitality depends on raising the value we place on academic achievement to levels well above the demands that were sufficient for an earlier time.