SAM Resolution for 2014

What is “the movement” in “The Spartanburg Academic Movement”?  

Is it rooted in a political cause like the Occupy Movement or the Tea Party?  Is it a trend as in art?  Or does it have to do with actual mobility or relocation?

None of the above.  “The Spartanburg Academic Movement” is a cultural shift. 

We are asking ourselves as citizens of Spartanburg County to rethink the cultural value we place on academic achievement for life and work in the 21st century.

We are asking ourselves to imagine what it takes to shift from an economy that uses labor to generate value to an economy that uses knowledge to generate value.  That is the shift that has occurred in Spartanburg County over the past twenty years, dating from the collapse of the textile economy. 

Now, imagine the shift in the importance we must place on academic achievement to meet the demands of this new knowledge economy.

No excuses.  Every child must be ready to learn to read when they enter school.  They must be reading to learn by third grade.  They must succeed in eighth grade math to manage the rigors of high school math and science.  They must graduate high school prepared to achieve a post-secondary credential and able to fulfill career ambitions involving vocational certification or college graduation.

Fortunately for us, the schools of the seven districts of Spartanburg County are thoroughly awakened to the challenges of the knowledge economy.  Their culture is changing.  They are on the move … innovating, reinventing, accelerating, supporting. 

The Spartanburg Academic Movement calls upon the rest of us – children, parents, neighbors, faith communities, small and large employers, non-profits, foundations – all of us in Spartanburg County to join as partners in the Movement, awakening to the crucial importance of academic achievement for every child, cradle to career. 

Make your resolution in 2014 to be a SAM Partner.  Join in the Spartanburg Academic Movement!