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Beth Gets Her Black Belt

So we don't have any ninjas in the office, but congratulations are definitely in order! Beth Thompson, Director of Collaborative Action Networks, just received her Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification at our last Board of Directors meeting. The certification was presented to her by BMW associates Mark Fendley and Eric Hayler following her final project presentation.

Pictured from left to right: Mark Fendley, Beth Thompson, Eric Hayler

Pictured from left to right: Mark Fendley, Beth Thompson, Eric Hayler

In order to receive her Black Belt certification, Beth had to successfully complete 5 weeks of classroom training and demonstrate appropriate use of the Six Sigma method throughout her project.  The Six Sigma Continuous Improvement process provides a methodology and set of tools to move the needle on SAM's indicators of academic success.  Beth’s project focused on improving kindergarten readiness outcomes by organizing the Kindergarten Success Collaborative Action Network (“KSCAN”) and facilitating the group’s work through the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) process she learned during her training.  The KSCAN has began collectively implementing actions that will improve outcomes for our earliest learners. 

With Six Sigma, all Collaborative Action Networks are able to have efficient and effective meetings and make data driven decisions every step of the way. In order to improve cradle to career outcomes for students in Spartanburg County, it is important to understand the factors already contributing to the success of students and inhibiting success for others. Continuous improvement is at the heart of what SAM is about, and Beth's success facilitating the KSCAN using the Six Sigma methodology is proof that it works. 

BMW will welcome a second staff member, Dr. Glen Carson, to their Six Sigma Black Belt training program in September. We are forever grateful for BMW’s investment in the continuous improvement work of SAM.  

Congratulations again to Beth for her hard work and wonderful presentation, and best of luck to Glen as he starts his training next month.