Current Training Options

Click on a course below to be directed to the training registration information. With the exception of the annual conference, each training is offered multiple times throughout the year.


Cradle To Career (C2C) Experience

Suitable for community, educator, civic, church, student and neighborhood groups, board meetings, and philanthropy boards, the C2C Experience personally connects participants to equity issues lying at the heart of Spartanburg County education. Participants learn about factors impacting success along the C2C continuum, opportunities for community engagement, and impact of strategic resource alignment. Our staff can coordinate location space or bring the experience to your site.

For those wishing to participate without reserving a group event, or perhaps participate before booking for your group, the Experience is offered for open community participation several times a year.

  • Requires a group of 15 or more

  • Time commitment: 1 hour and 30 minutes

CI 101 for Educators

Continuous Improvement 101 for Educators: guides teachers through standards-based goal setting as well as data visualization and analysis to track students’ learning and guide modifications in teaching. CI places the monitoring of success into the hands of students, and helps teachers connect their innate ability to adjust practices in response to that learning. Learning standards come to life for students and teachers using “plan-do-study-act” (PDSA) improvement cycles.

CI 101 participants come from multiple grade levels, teaching positions, and school environments. They return to their classrooms with renewed capacity to achieve the impact that inspired them to teach

  • Time Commitment: 1 Day


Continuous Improvement for School Leadership: Designed for school principals and their leadership teams (other administrators in the building, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, etc.). This two-day training moves from standards-based goal setting to strategic planning for schools. The focus of the first day will be to learn about the system and its importance to achieving not just improvement, but performance excellence. We will learn about the importance of the strategic plan to ALL work of the school. On day two, the schools will begin designing parts of the system. In the afternoon of day two, you receive an overview of what the CI classroom learning system looks like including the specific support roles needed for teachers and classrooms implementing CI practices.

  • Time Commitment: 2 Days

CI 101 for Community

Understand the basic principles of continuous improvement science and how they integrate into your unique environment and programs. This course is appropriate for the staff of local nonprofits, community agencies, and groups with programs seeking to provide support for positive outcomes for children.

  • Time Commitment: 1 Day

CI 102 Tools

(Prerequisite: CI 101 for Educators or CI 101 for Community) This coaching session takes project based practice in CI to the next level and includes deeper training in CI Science including data analysis, visualization and decision making tools. This course is appropriate for teachers and staff of local nonprofits and community agencies.

  • Time Commitment: 1 Day

CI Leadership Training

(Prerequisite: CI 101 for Educators or CI 101 for Community) For those who have taken initial training and wish to lead the efforts of their organization in adopting CI processes as part of school, organization, or agency-wide practice. Attendees for this training should be leaders in their own organization with the authority and capacity to lead others in adopting the CI operation model. Time Commitment: 8 full day sessions over the course of six months.

  • Time Commitment: 8 full day sessions over the course of six months

Supplemental Coaching

Coaching sessions are available to support course completers as they continue their project based implementation of CI strategies. These sessions can be scheduled on an individual basis or for team project sessions.

  • Time commitment varies by need


SAM and the Institute host an annual conference to share best practices and learnings by Institute participants and leaders to support building the network of CI users and promote the “CI culture” across Spartanburg county for all who have the potential to improve outcomes for children.