Corporations and Businesses as Partners

Corporate alignment with the Spartanburg Academic Movement is extremely important to the Movement’s success.  It signals to our young people the significant value their future employers place on academic achievement.  

Employer support for the Movement makes clear to Spartanburg County’s young people that career success in the knowledge economy demands a breadth of knowledge and specialized skills, as well as the "soft" skills that make teamwork and client relationships possible.    

Further, corporate support for the Movement underscores that the requisite knowledge and skills for the 21st century economy can’t be learned “at the last minute” before a job interview.  They are gained over time, across every stage of learning from “cradle to career,” which is why every stage must be taken seriously by every student … by all of us.

Consider taking the “Employer Commitment Challenge.”  Commit to working toward the goal of the “40/30 Challenge” … 40% of our adult population with bachelor’s degrees by 2030.

And please consider joining the Movement as a “Sponsoring Partner.”