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Educators are the heart and soul of education! Students know when a teacher, guidance counselor, or administrator cares—and you can see in their performance how much that caring means to them.

As K-12 educators, what can you do beyond your regular work to encourage a culture of expecting educational attainment?

  • Talk to your students about your college experience. Consider hanging a college pennant or poster from your alma mater in your classroom.
  • Ask your students about their aspirations. Take in terms of "when" and not "if" when asking about college.
  • Help students connect education to future careers whenever possible. The guidance office is often a great resource for incorporating careers in the classroom.
  • Invite guest speakers whenever possible who can talk not only about their careers but also the education they needed to get there.
  • See if your school allows students to participate in job shadowing, and then encourage your students to take part in the experience.

And ...

Share your good news. What is happening in your classroom and school that the community should know about? Tell us so we can help promote the good work of you and your students. Part of growing a culture of high educational expectations is showing the community that we are already doing great things!

These are just a few thoughts. What do you as K-12 educators suggest? Please let us know so we can share the ideas and so we can support you in your efforts!


After years of research and understanding the education environment,  SAM is ready to help teachers and educators of all levels ensure their students are not only reaching, but surpassing the national standards for  academic levels.

School Administrators 

SAM makes sure to work closely with everyone involved at our schools to work together and provide the best practices for better education.