The “Employer Commitment Challenge”

As an employer, consider making a commitment to working toward the goal of the “40/30 Challenge” … 40% of our adult population with bachelor’s degrees by 2030.

Step 1

Conduct a company workforce assessment and your commitment to increasing certificate and degree attainment …

  • How many individuals with college degrees or post-secondary certificates are in my company’s workforce?
  • What is my goal for increasing certificate and degree attainment among my workforce?
  • What is my goal for increasing certificate and degree attainment in the broader community (if applicable)?

Step 2

Identify at least one concrete way you can contribute to the “40/30 Challenge”.  Here are four suggestions for making a difference.

  • Help your employees get a college certificate or degree.  For example …
    • Provide tuition remission.
    • Pay for employees who have not graduated from high school to prepare for and take the GED (as a first step toward later post-secondary enrollment).
    • Allow flexible schedule for employees who are currently enrolled in a college class.
    • Tie educational attainment to career advancements
  • Provide career exploration for students.
    • Partner with a school or community organization to host students at your business (shadowing).
    • Create summer and year-long internships for high school and college students.
    • Provide career mentoring for advanced college students nearing graduation.
  • Volunteer in a school or with a college success program.
    • Tutor a middle school, high school, or college student.
    • Partner with a school or an after school program to mentor at-risk students.
  • Make it easier for parent employees to support their children in school.
    • Create policies that support flexible scheduling parent employees to get kids to school on time, pick them up after school, attend parent-teacher conferences, and volunteer in a classroom.

Step 3

Submit your commitment using the following template:

  • My company will increase certificate and degree attainment by (# or %) by (year).
  • My company will contribute to increased certificate and degree attainment in the community by (# or %) by (year).
  • We will accomplish these goals by (describe the specific actions you will take both within your place of business and/or in the broader community).

Submit your commitment to Sheryl Booker at