SAM was launched in 2013-2014 with a substantial grant made by the Spartanburg County Foundation and its supporters, matched by private donations.

This came, in part, due to the support of prior community efforts made through the Children’s Services Alliance and College Hub - non-profits working at either end of the cradle to career continuum. When SAM formed, the two united and the focus expanded to include additional learning stages along that continuum, using the successful model of the StriveTogether national network.

SAM continues to rely upon donations to fuel its operations. Donations can be made securely on this website or by mail and pledges are welcome. Many individual and corporate donors support with three-year pledge commitments billed annually. The Spartanburg County school districts provide a small portion of our annual operational budget. The funding model for SAM mirrors the community centered approach to improving outcomes for students through collaborative investment and action.

The SAM staff leverages local support for our operations to draw additional funding for SAM projects that directly impact our local schools. Funding for the majority of SAM projects comes from sources outside Spartanburg County.

To learn more about the great strides we have made in 2018 through the generosity and commitment of our supporters, please read this letter from our Executive Director.

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Any donation to SAM makes a vital contribution to the long-term success of our community and its residents.