SAM loves parents


SAM understands the pressures of parenthood can be intense, that is why we are here to help every step of the way. We want the children of Spartanburg county to succeed just as if they were our own and are prepared to help ensure each and every child is prepared for all stages of education.

Kindergarten Readiness

Children grow up fast. Before you know it that little baby is putting on their backpack and heading to school. SAM wants to ensure every child is ready for that first day of Kindergarten, the first step on the long road of education. The “Toolkit for Kindergarten Readiness” is a publication now in widespread use in child development centers and other settings across the County.  This “Toolkit” has been credited with playing an important role in stimulating a growing regional commitment to early childhood investment.



Learning Support  K-12

Success within the classroom begins outside the classroom. Students need encouragement and support from those in their lives. This includes support in continuing to improve reading level, math and language performance. With strong completion in such fields, students will be ready to be successful on their way to post-secondary education and the workforce.



Preparation for Workforce or College

Career knowledge and post-high school exposure (financial aid applications, college visitations, entrance exams, dual college enrollment, and advanced placement) elevate the probability of graduating from college or achieving the certification required to compete in the knowledge economy.