SAM Partners

A brief look at the 7 school districts in Spartanburg County

SAM began its work for children by establishing a deep partnership with the 7 public school districts in Spartanburg County, collectively working with nearly 50,000 school-age children. The seven district format creates a unique and powerful dynamic - each district serving its unique community demographic while providing great insight to the county-wide efforts for all children. The seven administrations are led by superintendents dedicated to working collaboratively for the benefit of all children while competitively  challenging each other as they continue to work to improve outcomes for the children and families whose future is in their care.  

The data stream supported through our partnership with the districts, combined with additional data from the Early Development Instrument and Student Tracker, provide SAM with the rich data resources needed to delve deeply into outcomes across key learning stages.

Corporations, businesses, nonprofits, and community impact agents working with us - as funders, members of our collaborative action networks, are advocates for our collective impact initiatives.  

SAM does not run programs, making our program partners a vital link in our Local Research -> Local Data -> Local Action commitment to improving outcomes for children and families.

SAM’s list of funding, program and vision partners is extensive and included in our most recent ANNUAL REPORT.