Post Secondary Persistence

PERSISTENCE: A student was enrolled during the previous year and continues to be enrolled in the current year.

The vast majority of Spartanburg County’s high school graduates, enrolling in college, are persisting. The message is that our K-12 system is preparing graduates who demonstrate the skills and characteristics needed to persist in college.

While a bright spot for Spartanburg County, data analysis points to action needed to improve persistence overall and remove disparities that remain for specific student demographic groups.

  • Graphs below show the student’s continued enrollment at any post-secondary institution, not retention at the same institution.

  • Graphs represent Spartanburg County high school graduates only. No state data is available for comparison.

  • Source data: National Student Clearinghouse, Student Data Tracker

Perspectives: the College Pay-off Report and College Does Help the Poor provide additional detail and perspectives on the need for post-secondary education.