Progress Reports

The SAM Preface Document is the starting point of the Spartanburg Academic Movement.  Its purpose, as with any preface, is to chart the territory.  Sam Chapter 1 highlighted Faces of Change and now, SAM Chapter 2 gets into the process and effect of Collaborative Impact. SAM Chapter 3 takes a look at how systems are changing in response to SAM's work. 

With each successive year, as the Movement gains momentum, SAM will publish additional chapters, extending three year goals, reviewing progress, and celebrating the academic accomplishments of the schools and the colleges, the families and the children of Spartanburg County.

SAM's Strategic Plan

Each year, SAM's Board of Directors assesses our organizational targets and strategies for reaching our goals, putting together an annual Strategic Plan that is aligned with our mission. This focuses our staff on short term goals and the actions needed to lay the groundwork for reaching longer term goals.  Everything SAM does focuses on improving the culture for education in Spartanburg County while identifying and engaging key strategies for improving student outcomes for its students.

Our Board, Staff, and numerous Parters envision a culture for Spartanburg County that values educational achievement and a highly competitive economy that demonstrates that value.