SAM's Leadership


Board of Directors

Jennifer C. Evins // Chair

President & CEO, Chapman Cultural Center

Ingo Angermeier

Retired, President & CEO, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

William Barnet III

CEO, The Barnet Company and Barnet Development Company

Dr. Russell Booker

Superintendent, Spartanburg County School District Seven

Susu Johnson // Treasurer

Community Volunteer 

Dr. Darryl Owings // Vice-Chair

Superintendent, Spartanburg County School District Six

Rev. Dr. Benjamin Snoddy // Secretary

Senior Pastor, Mount Moriah Baptist Church

Todd Stephens

County Librarian, Spartanburg County Public Libraries 

Dr. Glen Carson // Ex-Officio Member

Assistant Superintendent, Spartanburg County School District Four


Partner Roundtable

All leadership organizations in the County play key roles in forming, enlivening and sustaining this Movement ... non-profits, philanthropies, civic/government, and business.

Partners support the pursuit of a shared set of academic achievement measures at key stages of the academic continuum, cradle to career; and escalating targets of achievement on every measure, distinguishing Spartanburg County from its competitor counties across the state, the region, and the nation. 

Collaborative Action Networks

Over time, networks of practitioners will be assembled to focus on improving outcomes at multiple stages along the education continuum, leveraging existing resources and advancing best

The Mary Black Foundation is leading the way, convening the “Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative Action Network,” exploring means of measuring readiness and setting improvement targets to assure Spartanburg County’s children are learning-ready when they begin school.


SAM's staff is made up of a handful of carefully selected individuals eager to see Spartanburg County succeed. SAM will continue to grow and improve as a movement with the help of:

John Stockwell
executive director

Ida Thompson
program manager

Lindsay Moore
program assistant

Sheryl Booker
program associate