SAM is a movement focused on increasing Spartanburg County’s perceived value of  education. 

As economies and industries change, it is necessary that Spartanburg County recognize the importance of education in not only obtaining a job but also in achieving a higher quality of life. 

County-wide performance scores and statistics have significantly improved over recent years indicating the cultural shift is underway. The Spartanburg Academic Movement is working hard to continue this trend while  also pushing for an upward trend in Spartanburg County’s ambitions and expectations. 

SAM is not another new program or a call for school reform. It is a movement to elevate the value placed on academic achievement by the citizens of Spartanburg County.
— Dr. John Stockwell, Executive Director

This movement  doesn’t just rely only on teachers and public schools, but  on every sector of the County to emphasize the importance of  education for every child from cradle to career. 

SAM works  by partnering with Spartanburg County’s education, business, government, foundation, community, and faith leaders to continuously encourage and strengthen academic achievement so we can continue our upward momentum.

What We've Achieved

In December 2013, the Spartanburg Academic Movement received national certification as an “emerging partnership” in the cradle-to-career education movement of the “StriveTogether Network.”  

In commenting on SAM’s certification, Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director of StriveTogether, “commended the leadership of the Spartanburg Academic Movement for their commitment to improving outcomes for kids from cradle to career.  The progress SAM is making in such a short period of time is exemplary and we look forward to the value this partnership will bring as part of the national cradle to career Network and broader collective impact movement.”