It all begins with history.


For generations, Spartanburg County was a textile economy.  The work of its people was in the mills and in the surrounding economy that supported the textile industry.  Educational achievement was not a “cultural value.”  It was not imperative that young people persist successfully through high school and post-secondary education in order to get a job that could support a family and a reasonably acceptable way of life.  

Now, the mills are gone; the demands of the economy have changed; and the sense of commitment to educational achievement within our families and across our communities must change as well…and the time is now.

Why Now?

Since the collapse of the textile mills  20 years ago, Spartanburg County’s economy has  shifted from one that uses labor  to one that uses knowledge to generate value. In order to thrive in  this new knowledge economy, we must shift the importance we place on  education. 

Fortunately for us, the schools of the seven districts of Spartanburg County have awakened to the challenges of the knowledge economy.  Their culture is changing.  They are on the move … innovating, reinventing, accelerating,  and supporting.  They are striving to help every child reach their academic potential across every level which in turn helps success in future levels of both academics and life.

The Spartanburg Academic Movement calls upon the rest of us in Spartanburg County – children, parents, neighbors, faith communities, small and large employers, non-profits, foundations – to join as partners in the Movement. Help us spread the crucial importance of academic achievement for every child, cradle to career.