The schools of Spartanburg County support those dreams for each and every child.  But they can’t do it alone.  Our children need a dedicated community of adults to support them as well.  No single person or institution can guarantee the success of a child, but through partnership and collective action, we can create opportunity for all our kids and help give substance to their dreams. With Parents, Community Nonprofits, Businesses, and Funding Partners working together, we can turn our children's dreams into the realities that create brightest future for our entire community. Identify yourself in one or more of these areas where you have a vested interest in being an active part of making dreams come to life: 


Parent/Family Member

SAM provides the Family Challenge as a tool for discussing what educational success is all about- because we join you in believing that "good enough" just won't cut it when it comes to supporting the success of our children. Print and review the commitment form, sign it together and post it at home to have your reminder of what it takes, and that we all are ALL-IN for success.

SAM also provides numerous age-appropriate RESOURCES for you to support home-based support of your child's success. 

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Nonprofit Advocacy Partner

Aligning the efforts of our community nonprofits so that each entity's unique capacity helps to build our children's educational success is essential. Use our Advocacy Commitment to build your agency's impact as part of the Spartanburg Academic Movement. Please contact us via email or call (864)573-5804 to discuss your interests. 

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Businesses large and small can impact our educational culture with their employees and clients. They can also offer unique field expertise as part of our Collaborative Action Networks. Make your Business Advocacy commitment to our community and its educational success today to build the customers and workforce you will need in the future. Please contact us via email or call   (864) 573-5804 to discuss your interests.

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Strengthening the climate, resources, and foundation for cradle to career lifelong success is an ongoing, long-term effort. By aligning your investment in our community with our commitment to reach those long-term goals, you are a part of building a stronger Spartanburg - for now, and the future. Please contact us via email or call (864) 573-5804 to discuss your interests.

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Any donation to SAM makes a vital contribution to the long-term success of our community and its residents.