SAM and the Community Indicators

For many years, Spartanburg County has reported progress on the key issues that are its clearest indicators of quality of life.  The goal of the Community Indicators Project (CIP) is to report on data and community initiatives to inspire dialogue, and identify strategy that lead to positive change within the community. CIP is a collaboration of The Spartanburg County Foundation, United Way of the Piedmont, Spartanburg County, and the University of South Carolina Upstate.  

The CIP follows 6 indicators: 

Think of the CIP as a thermometer, reporting the current “temperature,” the current education achievement levels. Think of SAM as a thermostat, setting targets for raising the “temperature.”
  1. civic health
  2. public health
  3. social environments
  4. natural environments
  5. economic development
  6. education 

SAM’s task is to turn the “education indicator” into an “education movement”; and, in doing so, drive the educator indicators upward.  A very likely corollary of SAM’s success will be positive change in CIP’s other five “thermometers” as well.

Check out the Community Indicators Project at   Get the full reports.  Volunteer to participate in the Project, share opinions, spread the word, and encourage others to do the same.